Time to THINK different and ACT different…

Fairfield Decom is a new company with a completely different approach to ultra-late life operations and decommissioning.  As the first true Decom Operator in the North Sea, Fairfield Decom occupies a unique position within the market.  Our approach is to take control of the field in the last years of its life, which gives us a thorough knowledge of the infrastructure. We manage, integrate and then execute the entire scope of ultra-late life operations purely with decommissioning in mind, thus creating efficiencies, managing risks, and enabling Operators to concentrate their resources on their core E&P business activities.

This is what we call “Next Generation Decommissioning”

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Innovative thinking…

Working closely with stakeholders including the Government and Regulators, we apply the very best of operator knowledge and decommissioning contractor expertise to be the late-life operations and decommissioning arm for the North Sea Oil & Gas industry.

Leveraging our highly complementary capabilities we provide a fully integrated solution to the decommissioning challenge that includes an innovative funding model allowing operators to defer material expenditure for several years. Our commitment is to deliver efficiency with safety-assured, technically sound and cost-effective outcomes.

Graeme Fergusson, Managing Director

The decommissioning market is evolving…

…both on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and overseas. As many of the foremost oil-producing basins mature and assets and installations are reaching ‘end of life’, the question of what to do with them, and how best to do it, is moving from the hypothetical into real practice.

Fairfield Decom is at the forefront of the movement to address the need for a fully-fledged decommissioning solution for the UKCS. The challenge is huge, with Oil & Gas UK Decommissioning Insight 2018 announcing significant forecasts for the next decade.




wells scheduled to be taken
out of operation


tonnes of topsides
for removal

Integrated thinking…

As a new kind of decommissioning operator, Fairfield Decom has the expertise to manage the entire scope of late-life operations and decommissioning activities in a responsible manner, to deliver the best possible outcomes for the North Sea Oil & Gas industry.

Responsible thinking…

Fairfield Decom’s business processes are designed to ensure good governance and corporate responsibility, and to maintain the trust and respect of our workforce, business partners, clients, government bodies and other stakeholders.

Creative thinking…

Fairfield Decom acknowledges the importance of communicating with the wider industry and its stakeholders, and is committed to ensuring that relevant lessons learned are captured and news is shared.

Below are a few of our most recent news releases and articles. More media information including our fact sheet, frequently asked questions and media contacts can be found on our media page.

Recent news and articles

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