BHP Esmond: The contract for BHP Esmond encompassed the three Esmond/Gordon platforms to be removed from the field and delivered for scrapping in Rotterdam.


Shell Brent Spar: Wood-GMC subcontracted Heerema to support marine activities for the dismantling and re-use of the Brent Spar Storage and Off-loading Buoy, with the aim of ensuring environmentally-friendly solutions for all stakeholders.


NAM K 11-FA: The decommissioning work was undertaken for the removal of the K11-FA platform that was operated by Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V in the Dutch Continental Shelf.


Total Frigg and Froy: The contract involved the decommissioning of the Frøy platform, the Lille Frigg templates, the East Frigg template and minor work on the Frigg Field, as well as Heerema’s marketing for re-use and the dismantling of the remaining facilities.


ConocoPhillips Ekofisk Cat 1 & Cat 2 EPRD: The contract encompassed the decommissioning, removal and disposal/recycling of 9 platforms within the Greater Ekofisk Area from 2008-2014, with removal work carried out by the SSCVs Hermod and Thialf and DCV Balder.


BP NW Hutton: Heerema managed the decommissioning, removal and recycling and disposal of the North West Hutton platform, the largest steel jacket platform to be removed from the North Sea at that date.


CNR International Murchison EPRD: Following the earlier award of the contract to the HAF consortium, the Heavy Lift Vessel Thialf was used to safely offload the lower section of the Murchison Jacket on the quay of the Environmental Base in Vats.


Statoil Huldra: The contract for the disposal and recycling of Huldra was awarded to the HAF consortium, with Heerema responsible for its removal and transportation onshore, and AF Offshore Decom for disposal and recycling.

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