Fairfield Decom is committed to conducting business in a fair and ethical manner, with the highest standards of honesty and integrity to maintain the trust and respect of our workforce and partners in business.


We believe that sustainability should be an integral part of our everyday operations and as such ties in closely with our values and behaviours. Our sustainability framework is built upon the underlying principles of the UN sustainability goals and the three pillars of economy, society, and the environment.

Health & Safety

Fairfield Decom maintains the highest standards of health and safety compliance and performance as it responsibly manages the unique challenges associated with late-life operations and decommissioning.


Environmental stewardship is a key priority in our business as we undertake work scopes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to prevent pollution and promote preservation of the environment.

Business Conduct

Fairfield Decom upholds the highest professional standards, with the principle of good governance underpinning our activities and influencing our approach to business that is not only legally compliant but ethical and responsible.

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