Fairfield Decom upholds the highest professional standards, with the principle of good corporate governance underpinning our business. We not only conduct activities in a manner that ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but is respectful, responsible and ethical.

This commitment to the highest standards of business conduct ensures our status as a trusted business partner, facilitating and maintaining the confidence of our workforce, contracting partners, clients and other stakeholders.

Fairfield Decom operates policies that describe our commitment to corporate responsibility and have the unanimous support of our Board of Directors. As a UK company, we observe the letter and the spirit of the laws in the UK and each country in which we operate, to the extent that those laws are not in conflict with the laws of the UK. In particular, we are bound by the Bribery Act 2010 and Criminal Finances Act 2017 in respect of our business both in the UK and other countries abroad. We promote a zero tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and tax evasion in business that are not only criminal offences in the majority of countries in which we operate, but are unethical and entirely contrary to our Company Values.

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