Environmental stewardship is a key priority in our business as we undertake workscopes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to prevent pollution and promote preservation of the environment.

Fairfield Decom is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner that prevents pollution and promotes the preservation of the environment. As we progress our business activities, environmental stewardship of the facilities is a key activity, and in collaboration with industry Regulators we will consult widely on the most appropriate environmental management measures to be applied.

In identifying the environmental impacts of our activities, we will commit to:

  • Minimising physical environmental damage and disturbance to flora and fauna;
  • Eliminating hazardous discharges to the environment;
  • Using environmentally-friendly materials where available and reasonably practicable;
  • Optimising energy usage by developing and implementing efficient procedures and equipment;
  • Eliminating or reducing waste generation at source;
  • Optimising re-use possibilities, waste recovery and recycling; and
  • Reducing emissions and carbon footprint.

Our commitment to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner is embedded in our key principles – business integration, risk assessment, continuous improvement, legal compliance, resource allocation and communication – for superior environmental management.

Business Integration

We will integrate environmental considerations within our business and ensure that we treat these considerations with at least equal importance to those of productivity and profitability.

Risk Assessment

We will incorporate environmental risk assessment in our business management processes, and seek opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Continuous Improvement

We will continually improve our environmental management performance.

Legal Compliance

We will comply with all environmental laws, regulations and standards applicable to our undertakings.

Resource Allocation

We will allocate necessary resources to implement the Environmental Management Policy.


We will communicate openly in matters of the environment with government authorities, industry partners, stakeholders and through public statements.

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