Our approach to Health, Safety & Environmental management is embedded into our Company Values. By making safety a top priority in our business and maintaining the highest levels of respect for our workforce, business partners, clients, government bodies and other stakeholders, we are actively pursuing our principal aims of ensuring no harm to people, and respecting the environment.

Fairfield Decom’s HS&E Policy Statement outlines our robust approach to health and safety, with the management of health and safety risk a key component of our corporate governance. We have a strong safety culture and empower our people to lead by example, demonstrating constructive and strong safety leadership. Our embedded safety engagement behaviours – visibility, communication, involvement, support, participation and challenge – shape a participative and collaborative approach to safety. Where conflict exists between operational performance and safety, our people are empowered to ensure that safety is preserved above any other imperative. In this way, our people have a part to play in the maintenance of an environment where suggestions and actions to improve HS&E performance are actively encouraged and implemented.


Everyone is an ambassador for safety and leads by example.



Everyone actively and honestly exchanges safety-related information in a collaborative environment.



Everyone is included and engaged in safety through regular conversations, active consultation and meaningful feedback.



Everyone is united and supported in the pursuit of developing a positive safety culture.



Everyone has a part to play in promoting safety and is encouraged to make a positive contribution.



Everyone can be confident that their views on safety will be heard and constructive interventions welcomed.

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