A New Industry Solution

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has urged the Oil and Gas industry to deliver a target of 35% decommissioning cost reduction by 2022 and has asserted that this can be achieved through a combination of performance improvement, cost control, technological innovation and the adoption of new business models. Fairfield Decom represents a new kind of decommissioning delivery business model established to reduce complexity and the number of contractual arrangements, and to ensure operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. We believe that only specialist decommissioning companies with the capability to take on late-life operations prior to an asset’s Cessation of Production (CoP) can fully access these efficiencies. This process ensures a better understanding of the technical challenges, enables the initiation of upfront decommissioning work scopes whilst the asset is still producing, and results in a more economically efficient outcome.

Fairfield Decom has been formed with the range of expertise to deliver these benefits, negating the need for owners and license operators to go through the decommissioning learning curve.

Integrated Capability

Fairfield Decom is the only company with the heritage, combined expertise and capability to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end solution to late-life operations and decommissioning. Heerema and AF Offshore Decom have worked collaboratively in the North Sea for over 15 years and the addition of Decom Energy with its operator and JV management expertise gained at the Greater Dunlin Area ensures that the full decommissioning lifecycle is provided by one company. A strong business relationship was fostered between the three companies as contracting partners in the Greater Dunlin Area Topsides Removal, and separately as alliance partners for integrated decommissioning business. It became very clear that the three companies not only had unrivalled decommissioning experience but great alignment in terms of business approach and values.

Fairfield Decom provides full integration of the decommissioning lifecycle from late-life operations and project management, through wells plugging & abandonment, make safe & preparation activity, subsea infrastructure and topsides removal, onto recycling and site remediation.

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Track Record and Credibility

Fairfield Decom is the union of three companies with highly complementary capabilities providing unprecedented access to Heerema’s state-of-the-art fleet, AF Offshore Decom’s modern yard facility, and Decom Energy’s operator credentials and skilled workforce. Heerema and AF Offshore Decom have worked successfully under the banner of HAF, executing significant removal and recycling EPRD (Engineering, Preparation, Removal and Disposal) projects in the North Sea. Decom Energy’s subsidiary, Fairfield Energy is successfully managing the Greater Dunlin Area Decommissioning Project including a highly complex, first generation North Sea platform.  Headquartered in Aberdeen, Fairfield Decom will access the expertise of the three companies whilst also relying heavily upon local talent.  A decommissioning mind-set coupled with an empowered and engaged workforce will support Fairfield Decom’s business.

Fairfield Decom is determined to be part of the movement to establish a thriving decommissioning hub in Scotland. We are at the forefront of a new era in the Oil & Gas industry, providing best-in-class, innovative solutions to the challenge of late-life operations and decommissioning.

Financial Strength and Commercial Flexibility

The three companies have an impressive track record of executing major decommissioning projects in the North Sea.  With our shared knowledge and lessons learned, we know what works and what doesn’t.  We not only offer technical, commercial and stakeholder engagement excellence, but financial strength and commercial flexibility.  By working with one provider that can provide an all-encompassing, integrated solution, we will reduce the complexity and increase efficiency to optimise decommissioning economics.  We understand that funding for decommissioning projects may compete with exploration, development and production enhancement investment decisions and that the availability of financing is important to enable decommissioning projects to reach the execution phase.

We have invested a significant amount of time discussing these requirements with the financial community and have developed a range of commercial options. We’re confident that our creative commercial solutions will give the industry the confidence to make decommissioning decisions at the right time.

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